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Do it well…

and do it once

Do it well…

and do it once

Do it well…

and do it once

Do it well…

and do it once


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Burnaby Dentist and Orthodontic Services

Aesthetics, Rejuvenation, Timelessness & Assurance

Are you interested in veneers or implants, or just need a smile makeover? At ARTA Dental, our principal dentist, Dr. Sam Siew, has more than 40 years of experience in many forms of dentistry and orthodontics. The name of our office was renamed after four of our fundamental dental components: aesthetics, rejuvenation, timelessness, and assurance. If you are interested in our dental services, contact us at (604) 437-7723.

Our services include:

Our Promise to you: We will keep you comfortable during your treatment

We strive to offer you unsurpassed oral care. Our team provides you solutions with the least invasive procedures and the bonus of maximum comfort. In addition, Dr. Siew is a member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, so patients have more means of feeling relaxed while undergoing dental procedures. When necessary, we can administer IV Sedation or provide oral medication, in the event that you need some help feeling relaxed for your treatment.

ARTA set of standards:

At ARTA Dental, we use the latest techniques for routine exams and more invasive procedures;
All our dentists are committed to providing gentle care with minimal discomfort;
Dr. Siew and his team are committed to finding a solution to your dental problems through our free initial consultation.
After your free initial consultation, you will receive treatment plans outlining your short term and long term options.

ARTA Culture of Continuous Improvement:

Dr. Siew is passionate about the pursuit of excellence. He is presently taking Blackbelt training in Lean Management so that ARTA can remain effective as a service organization. His passion in learning can be demonstrated through his affiliation with the following professional organizations:

  • ICOI(F) – International Congress of Oral Implantologist
  • American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
  • American Academy of Osseousintegration
  • Canadian Academy of Implant Dentistry

He believes that dentistry is a combination of art and science, and his personal motto is: do it well...and do it once.

To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us at (604) 437-7723 today!