If a patient has multiple issues affecting their oral health and appearance, a treatment plan known as a Full Mouth Restoration may be a more effective course of action than attempting to treat each problem individually.

Treatments that fall under the umbrella of a Full Mouth Restoration can include, but are not limited to; wisdom teeth extractions, denture placement, root canals, implant dentistry, bone augmentation, crowns, bridges and veneers. Our goal is always to try and preserve the patient’s natural teeth, but there are cases where this is not possible. Perhaps the patient is missing one or multiple teeth, or the teeth are so badly damaged or decayed that they are not salvageable.

Basically, if a patient is presenting with multiple problems, we will work them to develop a customized plan to restore their teeth to optimal appearance and functionality. Factors that will determine what kinds of treatments will be necessary include the condition of the patient’s teeth and mouth, as well as the patient’s budget and what they are hoping to accomplish.

During your first visit, it is best to communicate with your dentist as clearly as you can what your desired end result looks like. Orthodontics may be necessary if you are wishing to correct the alignment of your teeth or if you have a bad bite.

A Full Mouth Restoration is not just a single treatment, but a series of treatments which are part of a treatment plan to achieve your desired results. The duration of the treatment will depend on your individual circumstances. However, all Full Mouth Restorations require a commitment from patient to participate and follow through will all recommended appointments and procedures.

If you are curious as to whether you may be a candidate for a Full Mouth Restoration, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. Our friendly staff will book an appointment for you to consult with Dr. Siew regarding your treatment plan. During our many years of practise, we have provided countless patients from all walks of life with dental restorations that have completely transformed their smile. You can be assured that whatever your needs may be, you will be treated with compassionate and skillful care. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied patients!

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