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Endodontic Treatments

Experienced Dentist in the Vancouver Area

Many of us, especially as we age, experience receding gums, which can cause excessive damage if left untreated. Tissue in the gums and bone stabilize the teeth. When they are damaged, our Burnaby dentist can provide the treatment to prevent further decay or infection in the tooth pulp

Common treatments associated with endodontics include:

  • Root canals
  • Dental implants
  • Endodontic therapy

Services in Periodontal Surgery in Burnaby

If necessary, there are surgical techniques available including periodontal plastic surgery. This procedure applies synthetic material in place of the natural tissue and bone. Rest assured that we take extreme measures to preserve a patient’s natural tooth structure as much as possible.

Our practice takes pride in the level of expertise we bring to endodontic treatment and periodontal treatment. If you are concerned about the condition of you gums, visit our Burnaby dentist today. Call us at (604) 437-7723 to schedule a consultation.

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