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Denture placement

When a patient is missing all or most of their teeth, or if their teeth are decided to be unsalvageable, dentures may be the best option. In the case where the patient’s remaining teeth cannot be saved, the best course of action is to remove those teeth via a staged extraction. This way a denture can be immediately placed, giving the patient the benefit of having a function set of teeth to eat and speak with. As might be suspected, there can be some discomfort associated with having teeth extracted. However, having a set of dentures placed immediately after a staged extraction can actually minimize discomfort by acting as a sort of bandage over the extraction site.

Of course, our goal is always to preserve the patient’s natural teeth. However, in some cases, such as severe decay or dental trauma, this is not possible, and dentures are the most affordable and simplest solution for the patient. Although the prospect of having all the natural teeth removed and dentures placed can be daunting, and can take the patient some time to prepare for, most patients are satisfied with the look and feel of their dentures after the treatment. The patient’s dentist and laboratory technician will collaborate to choose the appropriate tooth size, shape and color to recreate the look of the patient’s natural smile.

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