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Halitosis Treatment in Burnaby

Breath Assessment

It’s something most of us don’t talk about at parties, but at ARTA Dental we offer you a comfortable atmosphere to discuss the causes and options for treating halitosis, or chronic “bad breath.” Whether it’s you or someone you know who is struggling with halitosis, turn to our Burnaby dentist , Dr. Siew at ARTA Dental.

We can provide treatment that will be able to:

  • Eliminate bacteria that causes halitosis
  • Kill volatile sulfur compounds before they lead to halitosis
  • Lower the amount of proteins that let odor-causing bacteria to manifest

Understanding Halitosis

Though there are times when a patient needs a little help with oral hygiene to control odors, there are a number of causes that are out of your control, from periodontal disease to gastrointestinal issues. We can offer a professional assessment and explore possible halitosis treatment options, if necessary.

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