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Old Crowns

Many porcelain crowns are made with a silver-colored metal base. This metal base adheres to the tooth and serves to strengthen the crown, preventing cracks and breaks from happening. Eventually, overtime, as the patient’s gums recede or as the porcelain crown thins out (or if the crown was not fitted properly to begin with), the metal that was used to create the crown’s base becomes visible. This can show up as an unsightly dark line around the edge of the crown.

At ARTA dental, we take care to fit crowns properly. We use Procera® crowns, a high quality fully ceramic crown for a natural look and feel. These crowns do not have metal base and will not leave a dark line or have any visible traces; they closely resemble the natural tooth and blend in seamlessly with the patient’s remaining teeth. For patients who have older crowns with dark lines already visible, we recommend removing the old crown and replacing with a Procera® crown.

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