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Veneers for Burnaby Patients

Experienced in Cosmetic Dentistry in Vancouver

Our Burnaby dentist and staff members at ARTA Dental all strive to improve the smiles of community members who choose the aesthetic look of veneers. The process involves the application of a thin layer of porcelain over a tooth or implant, which offers an improved look, as well as protection for the tooth underneath. Our staff considers your comfort level, making sure we listen to you to get a clear idea of your desired look.

If you have never received cosmetic dentistry, you may want to consider the following reasons to try veneers or other options:

  • Increased Confidence – the reception you get with an improved smile speaks volumes.
  • Career Advantages – employers repeatedly state that smiling improves one’s job interview.
  • Relationship Builder – a smile invites others, but a frown distances us.
  • Increased Happiness – studies show that the physical act of smiling actually increases positive attitude.

Together, our dentist and staff members can work together to make sure you leave our treatment smiling broader and feeling happier. Call our office today at (604) 437-7723 today to request an initial consultation!

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