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Aesthetics, Rejuvenation, Timelessness & Assurance

Dr. Sasan Hadianfar  believes in family dentistry. Dr. Hadianfar continuously aligns his vision and passion for excellence in dentistry with the type of services people come to ask of him. ARTA emcompasses Dr. Hadianfar’s philosophy is to provideg gentle care services to his patients young and old. In the comfortable and secure environment that is ARTA Dental, a modern friendly facility of 2,500 square feet to service the families of Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster. ARTA stands for four final dental goals for our patients: aesthetic, rejuvenating, timeless, and assuring. If you are interested in our dental services, contact us at (604) 437-7723.

Our commitment: Patient comfort and care

We hope our patients will find ARTA a happy place. From our customer service specialists to our providers, we strive to operate as one unit to deliver solution based treatments to the myriads number of dental problems our patients face. To keep our patients comfortable and free of anxiety, we offer adjunct services in hypnosis, conscious sedation, nitrous, and IV sedation

ARTA set of standards:

Our equipment and techniques must be up to date and cutting edge at times
Our dentistry must be gentle and patient
Our solutions for our patients must serve their short and long term needs
Our attitude to each person must be from a place of understanding, respect and care